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Pursuant to its authority, the Board of Directors adopts “at-will” employment as the default employment policy for each District employee. At will employment is not for a specific period of time and employment may be terminated at any time, without notice or liability of any kind (except for wages earned and unpaid) and with or without cause. Since the Districts employment policy affirmatively creates at-will employment, the employee has the burden of proving by a procedure of evidence that he or she has a property interest in his or her employment. Where the employee meets his or her burden of proof, the department head or supervisor has the burden of proving “just cause” for the department head, or supervisor intended discipline or dismissal of the employee. Each District employee has a substantial expectancy of continued employment until the employee voluntarily resigns or “just cause" for reduction or removal of pay or position is proved by the District at a predeprivation hearing (an “Employee Grievance Hearing”) which will be provided if the affected employee requests a grievance hearing in the time and manner required by this policy. It is the District’s policy to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons; to prohibit unlawful discrimination in employment practices, compensation practices, personnel procedures, and the administration of benefit plans; and to otherwise provide the same or similar treatment and opportunities to all persons similarly situated.