West River Valley RSWMD and Green Source Recycling are committed to solid waste management and recycling solutions.  Our nine county district headquarters is located in Clarksville, AR in the county of Johnson.  Our companies provide over 40 jobs to the River Valley.  Our dedicated staff is on hand Monday through Friday, making sure our operations run smoothly and meet the expectations and needs of our district. 

Justin Sparrow, Executive Director


Jessica Campbell, Accounting


Jacob Gould,  Deputy Director

Barry Pelts, UTPF Manager

     The West River Valley Regional Solid Waste Management District was formed in 1991 when the Arkansas Legislature passed act 749, which added section 8-9-203 to the Arkansas Code, requiring every state agency, college, university, county, city, and public school to: 

1) Establish a source or separation and recycling program for recyclables generated as a result of agency operations.


2) Adopt procedures for collection and storage of recyclables.


3) Make contractual or other arrangements for transportation and sale of recyclables. 

     The West River Valley Regional Solid Waste Management District stands ready to assist any of the entities mentioned above with developing a workable recycling program with GreenSource Recycling in Clarksville, Arkansas. 



GreenSource Recyclingoffers an array of educational opportunities


     We provide groups, businesses, and schools with strategies and information on waste reduction and recycling.  We also host tours at our facility to give the public and inside look at our recycling operations. 


     GreenSource also provides Teacher In Service Workshops for professional development every summer.  The workshops focus on environmental awareness and education with an emphasis on the "Three Rs."  All of our workshops around the state involve a hands-on approach to instruction and incorporate guest speakers, field trips to recycling and green facilities, as well as tons of books and classroom tools. 


     You can find out more about our Teacher Workshops from your local Educational Coop. To schedule a tour or educational opportunity, contact our District Educator, Jacob Gould.